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Miss America Plans for free download

These drawn plans were made wit the collaboration and measurements from several members of the Unofficial Mamod and Other steam Forum. Rt click on the links and "save target as".


When printed on 8.5 x 11" paper they will form a working plan- 4 sections-- Good luck!

Miss A 1

Miss A 2

Miss A 3

Miss A 4

Cowl & rear deck Left

Cowl & rear deck Right




  And Happy Steaming


Hobbies Miss America- 1923

Live steam boat


I came across a derelict boat on eBay and soon I had a restoration under way. But first let me share with you a shot of a restored Miss A that a friend owns in Scotland- (Sandy has the best example I know of !!!)



 So this is what I am aiming for in my results!!

  Long and slender this boat is about 31" long and only about 3.75"

wide !! Here is mine as she arrived




Much stripping and paint work follwed






Through much effort by friends David and Sandy I have had a replica

engine made to replace the missing parts and this all cane together





 For up to the date progress - check out my on line build log! and see

the details that happened to make this work out!


Miss America Build Log


 The wind screen and rear deck, tiller arm and propeller are all the

parts I have left yet to make. Then it is final painting and off to the

lake she goes. 87 years old and she will still be steaming!


 An update on Miss A!


All the parts-