Mo's Gear

Live Steam boats and lever espresso machines


Indiana Rog- and his Temple of Steam!

MooseMan and his steam boats and engines

Jensen Steam Engines

A nice little archived museum of Steam engines

CEDesign- Steve's great source for steam

Forest Steam- a UK based store that really caters to steam- burners, boilers, parts

Turbinia- a killer set of photos from the Tyne and Wear Museum of this great little ship that changed the  way ships are propelled

PM Research- a US based supplier of steam engine and boiler kits and fittings

Graham Industries- A small maker of some fine little stream engines- one of the most affordable twin engines around!!

Yes, the Steam bible--- track down that mystery engine here

MF Steam- beautiful replica Mamod style steam engines and replacement parts for Bowman and others

Fab Tin Toys  - a great old toy resource

CRABFU- THE steampunk site in my book- steam made to do things you will not believe!!

Portland Model Power Boat Club- My club here in Portland

Mini Steam- a store for guessed it!

Maccsteam - Boilers for locomotives, boats and more

Putt Putt Think Tank      - The definitive place on the web for everything you ever wanted to know about pop pop ( put put) engines and boats. You need to know about these boats- !!! Daryl Canada and Jean-Yves Renaud are the two leading thinkers and do-ers in the world on these fascinating engines.


Orphan Espresso- Nice people who develop and source parts fro those old lever espresso machines..Olympia, Faemina, La Peppina & more

Home Barista - THE place to learn more about making you own espresso.Dan Kehn is the espresso man!! I owe most of what I know of espresso to this site and it's great members.

Too Much Coffee- the great European coffee resource.. check them out!

Coffee Geek -Mark Prince's great site about all things coffee

Home Espresso Repair- In Seattle , this shop loves to keep your machine running with love and skill. Will and his team care about what they do. Email or call or drop by. They serve a good cup of espresso!

Espresso Parts NW- the place for all those parts... located in Olympia WA

Espresso Care - Stefano is from Italy and he takes care of many a machine in Oregon. A great person and fair prices.

Reference sites

Fantastic Contraption- A fun design & engineering game... ready fro some fun thinking?

Japanese Metal Patina's and how to apply them 

Phrontistery- a word lovers site- I love Scrabble and this is a great place to print off the 2 letter word list! Kill the competition. Oh yeah - there is just too much about words here also.....

Search the entire Craigslist - at once

 Mini Lathes- comparisons, modifications and  all you need to make a  choice...maybe

 How to make Japan Black paint- the toughest stuff in the world. a lost art - a resilient and uber-gloss black paint. The stuff that old Ford Model T's etc were painted with. 

 Macmaster-Carr- No place better for parts for people who tinker

This-to-That- Where you go when you need what adhesive will work for your project

Calculator City- when you don't remember how to find the area of a circle...or volume of a cube..or

 Rumor Buster( Snopes) - Some one sends you that old email that claims people are out harvesting kidney's again...send them here to check it out

Gerddi- My Poetry Blog