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USS Cushing - TBD 1- 1890

Our first destroyer

The Turbinia had already called to me before on this type hull but I have been reluctant to start a scratch build of that size-as it would be my first. So  after much researching I have started a 1:35 scale version of the USS Cushing. This will be a confidence build for me to see what is next. Fingers crossed for hopeful results.

I have chosen to make the hull from sculpted blue construction foam. I will cover it in epoxy and fiberglass. Color scheme is yet to be determined- as I prefer to go with battle gray but the detail may not show up much. We will see.

The Cushing was 138 ' x 15' when she was first launched on January 23, 1890.  She saw first duty off the coast of Florida at the outbreak of the Spanish American War. She captured 5 ships and later was returned North to patrol and protect Eastern seaboard harbors.


I have an extensive build log already created here- check it out as it is the most up to date.

 Cushing Build Log



Here are some sketches of what I am going for




Here are a few shots of the Cushing --a "Turlte Back" as the forecastle is barrel-shaped - these boats were long - skinnny and light and not that stable in open rough seas- But they started the class of ship that is the destroyers we know today.


 At first seas trials off Rhode Island




After fitting for armament

 She was fitted with 2 18" torpedo's on swivel mounts ( 1 each side) and 3 x Rapid fire 6 pound guns. 

 a little better shot of the starboard side


 and here are a few shots during the build


 A hull made from blue construction foam board- I will sand, whittle- trim for quite a few months to help the hull take shape. 50" x 8" she is not quite to scale on width but I feel it is needed for stability in the water. If she were to true 1:35 scale she would only be 4" wide!!!! My boiler is 3.5" wide--- it just doesn't work out! Oh well- I never was a rivet counter.


a little further along



 and more so



Her power supply 


 and ready for fiber glass coating




Work continues- and check the build log link above for up to the minute progress!!


 Someupdates to this project:


I melted out the original blue foam "PLUG"  seen above  after I added fiber glass to the outside and about 10 coats of 2 part epoxy( resin would melt the foam) After i finished the multiple layers


Laying the keel



 Some fiber glass work







 "I'm Melting"



 To present day







 To her finally posing with a new arrival - The Flying Scotsman