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As someone who only took a few paltry piano lessons in elementary school -- nothing really stuck in my brain though.. I have only had the briefest of musical inclinations. Not that I am not musically inclined rather I am not really interested in learning to read music. I enjoyed learning to play harmonica by ear and although I do not play a lot it did keep my desire to actually play something alive. As a side note I have to confess that the guy's who played guitars in school always seemed so cool and I was a bit envious of their skills.

 Enter a resurgence in my desire to move towards an instrument. That is what I headed towards- pictured just above-- the FLUKE, tenor size to be exact. Designed by a fellow named Jim Beloff it is marketed and sold many places along with it little sister the FLEA- This is the home site Fleamarket Music

A cute but fairly pretty voiced, newly made version of a ukulele( JUMPING FLEA in the Hawaiian  language). The ukulele is experiencing a resurgence in popularity- that I just happened to stumble on. Just plucking the strings makes me smile. I know nothing about how to really play one-- But when i bought this one - I did drop by a great local music store here in Portland and picked up a book  and at least got started. I had fun the first day! The Fluke even made it's debut trip to the World Music Festival with us last Summer where I intended to take a lesson or join a group but at least get a few steps closer ... All I really did was strum in the camp site a little- but I smiled the whole time...


So now I know I need to take some lessons to really get out of this instrument what I want to.  I have located a great local ukulele group here in Portland that meets every month to strum and smile together and they even have a big- annual shindig at Reed College.. I am not quite there yet.. but we will see.If you are local- these are the fine local folks. P.U.A. Portland Ukulele Association



So you get the picture.....  So the shopping bug starts to nibble at me ......and the next thing I know I have a new ( old of course) ukulele coming to me from the magical land of EBAY)...from the mother land...Hawaii...K A M A K A K A... I have been smitten by the unbelievable playing of Jake Shimabukuro  and the now past playing and singing of Bruddah Is ...Israel Kamakawiwiwole


Do you know Jake? Check out this youtube link to a small sample of Jake playing a nice Geore Harrison song, sitting in the Strawberry Fields part of Central Park While My Guitar Gently Jake



   Anyway I digress a little as is my habit...I jumped on a KAMAKA ukulele... pre-1969 version...

I am still waiting for it to arrive so this is the stock photo from the auction. I will keep myself occupied with shopping for a  case for it and a electronic tuner and other  little goodies. But most of all I am looking for my teacher. There is a meeting with the Portland Uke group in about a week and It should be a great place to source a reference on who would be best to check out.


More as it unfolds!! or unpacks! I can't wait. Fingers don't fail me now...